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NBA/ABA Players who attended Rice University

More Colleges

***Please Read***
Players who attended a college but then transferred may not show up for that college. In most cases the college last attended will be used. Some colleges have changed their name over the years. Different names for the same college may be listed separately.

Almond, Morris 2007-2008 
Austin, Ken 1983-1983 
Closs, Bill 1949-1951 
Harris, Mike 2007-2010 
Henry, Bill 1948-1949 
Kinney, Bob 1948-1949 
Pierce, Ricky 1982-1997 
Rhine, Kendall 1967-1968 
Scott, Brent 1996-1996 
Spruill, Jim 1948-1948 
Wehr, Dick 1948-1948 
Wilks, Mike 2002-2009 

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