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NBA/ABA Players who attended Florida State University

More Colleges

***Please Read***
Players who attended a college but then transferred may not show up for that college. In most cases the college last attended will be used. Some colleges have changed their name over the years. Different names for the same college may be listed separately.

Allen, Randy 1988-1989 
Cassell, Sam 1993-2008 
Clyde, Ben 1974-1974 
Collins, James 1997-1997 
Cowens, Dave 1970-1982 HOF
Davis, Harry 1978-1979 
Dawson, Tony 1990-1994 
Dillard, Mickey 1981-1981 
Edwards, Doug 1993-1995 
Fedor, Dave 1962-1962 
Garrett, Rowland 1972-1976 
Jackson, Randall 1998-1999 
Jackson, Tony 1980-1980 
Johnson, Alexander 2006-2007 
Kerner, Jonathan 1998-1998 
King, Ron 1973-1973 
Mayes, Tharon 1991-1991 
McCloud, George 1989-2001 
Royals, Reggie 1974-1974 
Sura, Bob 1995- 
Thomas, Irving 1990-1990 
Thornton, Al 2007-2010 
Wafer, Von 2005-2010 
Ward, Charlie 1994- 
Wiggins, Mitchell 1983-1991 
Williams, Willie 1970-1970 

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