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Indianapolis Olympians (1949 - 1952) Draft History

Rnd Name College/HS/Country Note
1 Joe Dean Louisiana State
Jay Handlan Washington & Lee
Bill Harrell Siena
Jim Hoverder Central Missouri State
Gene Rhodes Western Kentucky
Dale Toft Denver
Lucian Whitaker Kentucky
Bob Zawoluk St. John's
Gordon Stauffer Michigan State
Rnd Name College/HS/Country Note
1 Marcus Freiberger Oklahoma
2 Scotty Steagall Millikin
3 Glenn Kammeyer Central Missouri State
4 Bill Tosheff Indiana
5 Bob Pierce Nebraska
6 Marv Johnson Wheaton
7 Ted Beach Illinois
8 George Kelly Vanderbilt
Rnd Name College/HS/Country Note
1 Bob Lavoy Western Kentucky
2 Paul Unruh Bradley
3 Charles Mrazovich Eastern Kentucky
4 Jim Line Kentucky
5 Sonny Allen Morehead State
6 Ralph OBrien Butler
7 Leon Blevins Arizona
8 Jerry Stuteville Indiana
9 Gene Schmidt Texas Christian
10 Colin Anderson Georgia Tech
11 Jimmy Doyle Butler
Rnd Name College/HS/Country Note
1 Alex Groza Kentucky
2 Leo Barnhorst Notre Dame
3 Mac Otten Bowling Green
4 Bob Evans Butler
6 Don Boven Western Michigan
Charlie Maas Butler
Jim OHalloran Notre Dame
JL Parks Oklahoma A&M

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